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Although its fort is , the fashionable company/signature for horsemen Felix Ramiro takes more than two decades being one of main the referring ones in the design of clothes for horseman of our country, because not in vain masculine integral is the first fashionable concept (it counts on six lines of different styles for man), that includes from sport clothes of to nuptial suits, happening through all type of complements and underclothes, besides service of sastrera. And indeed from his trajectory of more than 20 years in the world of the nuptial fashion it handles optimistic numbers on the sector. Numbers that aim that although the number of weddings descends in our country, the sector of the nuptial fashion is holding the crisis thanks as much to the increase of the cost for connection, like the exports, that already suppose a third of the 1,300 million Euros of volume of business of the sector. And it is that, although the number of weddings registered the past year in Spain (according to the National Institute of Statistic) descended a 3.6%, reaching 169.020, 98,439 of them were connections of civil character, a number that represents an increase of the 1.3% with respect to the previous year. With respect to the cost of a wedding, that is placed of average in volume Spain to 20,000 Euros, most is destined to the banquet, but as much the cost in the attire on the part of the fianc2ee, like of the fianc2e, has been increased in the last years gradually. This causes that the mark considers an immediate future loaded of optimism and great challenges. First of them it is to expand his presence by all the Spanish geography, by means of the concession of tax exemptions. The toledana company begins to as much grant tax exemptions to entrepreneurs as to investors, enthusiastic by the world of the masculine fashion, who wish to bet by a philosophy of mark directed to the exclusive design and of quality, but to reasonable prices, covering the needs with each of its clients, and, in addition, to feel proud to shine a design press made in Spain.