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If you wish to attract more people his Web site she must persuade them and maintain interested them with its content. That means that not only will have to make its writing convincing, but also easy for its search. It sounds difficult, but it is not it, as it could think. Good content Web Phrases and key words To choose the key words and correct phrases for its Web site is an important part of the process of optimization of motors search, as well as to cause that their site is more visible for the motors search. In the first place it must think about whom he is his objective public, once it has solved this writes down a list of words and phrases that you consider that people could use in the motors search, does not worry for being good, for being only creative. Each page of its site must have of one to three phrases or key words that are related. Next I will offer some advice him: He is creative, but also selective. It deals with not using phrases or key words that are very competitive.

There are words unusual related to the content also they exist with misspelling, inclyalos but with moderation. What needs: Creativity. Persistence. How to write it? It thinks about some pages that are used to visiting what is what it makes him continue visiting them? Most probable it is than it resorts to excellent and opportune them because they are attractive visually, in content. The sites that better are classified in the results search, have the following characteristics common when it is content: Unique content and that well is written up. External liaisons and seeking interns. To realise contents that are not obsolete within a month.

To use the key words correctly. Clear titles. Brevity and empathy in texts. These are points to favor for the writing of contents quality Web. He is not something that the majority of people can dominate overnight, practices much and is placed in the place of the visitors of its page. Tania Altamirano with information of Wendy Boswell.