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Balance In Life

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Our priorities turn around our rolls in each of these areas: worker, father or mother, husband (a), friend (a), colleague, industralist (a), spiritual life. These rolls, in many cases, are in imbalance. Perhaps we spend many hours to the day to our labor activity, and neglect our roll of husband (a) or father/mother. Sometimes we run out ourselves working as much to the point to neglect our health. Other times we focused so much in our family that we lose of view the people who are to ours around. Sometimes … Read More…

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Cheddar Uses

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They already know, it is not easy to cook and to be taking photos. You are going if it to command of loche like I, empaca the fish and crisp vegetables in a container and the sauce in another small one. Of dessert a panquecito of orange and cheese (but that is another entrance) Cheese sauce that you can put on fish, meats, food with vegetables or on a slice of bread just toasted Cheese sauce with a touch of cilantro2 spoonfuls of mantequilla2 spoonfuls of flour all use, divided … Read More…

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