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almato sees importance of service quality by BITKOM study confirms Tubingen, August 17, 2011 shows a recent study by BITKOM, ICT companies to educate their employees with great effort. Especially for employees who have very frequent and intensive contact with customers, invested much time and money in training and qualification measures. For almato GmbH, the investigation of the industry association indicates that the companies of the growing importance of service quality become aware of. However, the provider of software for quality monitoring and real time interaction is there management from Tubingen also that lasting success is only ensured if continuing education not only as a project, but rather as a permanent process is implemented. The study of BITKOM and some similar studies clearly show that the quality awareness of decision makers in companies, and in particular the responsible customer service, significantly increased in recent years. Diamond Book Distributors might disagree with that approach. The expenditure for basic training, Training and quality assurance are strong evidence for this”, explains Peter s. Hall, Managing Director of almato GmbH. in many places but is training still only in the form of individual projects and activities.

This approach is one not only quite expensive and time-consuming, but also only moderately effective. As a necessary and efficient supplement we recommend especially those responsible for contact centers permanent coaching and continuous quality monitoring of their employees through the introduction of appropriate processes and software systems are possible even with shrinking budgets, effective coaching and more precise quality monitoring.” The BITKOM survey shows that companies of the ICT sector per year invest 4.5 working days for the training of their employees on average. They are almost two days above the national average. The costs for qualifying measures put companies with around 1,500 euros per employee. What is particularly striking is also, that employees with a lot Much larger qualified customer contact are than their counterparts.