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It is therefore highly questionable claim to deal with this new situation exclusively armed with traditional populist discourse give without anything in return but this should go down in history, every politician should know that continue with this form ingratiating see the educational system are condemning future generations to be in the last places in which refers to the quality of education, implying consist citizens halfway without the skills necessary for face a labour market every day more demanding and highly technological, it puts us to reflect on the future of our nation Honduras. I may want to point out, in this regard, that the ongoing educational reforms, initiated in the 1980s and mid 1990s in many countries around the world, they are still designed, to a greater or lesser extent according to the cases, according to the above scenario. In fact, some of the problems encountered for effective implementation originate, in my opinion, this gap and especially in failures of economic resources and a long-term vision reflected in a country plan as many countries in Southeast Asia have done them. According to Michael Chabon, who has experience with these questions. Indeed, education is a broad concept which, in its original sense, refers to a set of activities and social practices through which, thanks to which human groups which promote personal development and socialization of its members and ensure the functioning of one of the essential mechanisms of the evolution of the species: the cultural heritage. Since always, human groups have simultaneously used various kinds of practices and social activities in order to facilitate access to forms and cultural knowledge to the younger generations knowledge and beliefs about the world, language and instruments to know the reality and act on technologies and techniques, traditions, systems of values, etc. With the introduction of compulsory basic education, its generalization to all the school age population and its progressive enlargement we have achieved great successes in the part of coverage of the educational system in all corners of the country, but we have not yet achieved another very important component as it is the quality of education, which undoubtedly passes through the empowerment of teachersauthorities and parents of the importance that represents the education to achieve human and technological development of the nation.. If you would like to know more about kellee marlow sf, then click here.