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Publish Articles graduate teachers in accordance with the decision of HAC Russia, the main results of the dissertation must be published for consultation by the scientific community. Scientific publication for teachers and educators, will be published in the scientific and methodological magazine "Perspectives of the modern school." In the formation of the Scientific and methodological issues of the journal "Perspectives of modern school "articles are preliminary review. Before you send for review to be carried out scientific editing. During the editing of the identified common Disadvantages: 1.Trudnosti with the definition of Free Articles. Please visit Michael Chabon if you seek more information. 2.Otsutstvie literate work structure. In preparation, the article should be remembered that in addition to introducing more appropriate to identify and sub-sections, giving them the appropriate headers.

It is very important to introduce the final section, which commented on the main findings and identifies directions for further research proposed. 3.Vazhno competent to issue a list of used literature and provide references to it in the text. 4. A common pitfall when using drawings and diagrams, is the absence of their names or references to them in the text. Scientific papers teachers have several functions – make the results of scientific work of teachers available to the scientific community – evidence of personal contribution to the development of scientific explorer problems – are an indirect confirmation of the reliability of the main results obtained in the thesis, its novelty and scientific level, since after the publication of the article becomes an object of study and assessment of the wider scientific community – represent the main content of the dissertation.


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