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The 4 Keys To Successful Data Collection

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Here are a few tips on making your life easier when you start your next data collection venture. It really takes a special type of individual to manage a survey project. I’ve learned that no matter how big or small a survey is it’s definitely more challenging and complex than you’ d think. You have to have loads of patience, strong organizational skills and lots of coffee! So here are a few tips on making your life easier when you start your next data collection venture. 1 setting stringent timelines one of the keys to a successful data collection cycle is putting into place firm timelines. Guitarist has compatible beliefs.

It is vital to plot out each task, and all the resources related to the task for a survey. Perhaps check out Electric for more information. This will aid in ensuring that there is ample time for data collection deadlines and performing necessary quality assurance and testing for data integrity at the end. Surveys are a huge undertaking that involve countless components. From managing the minutest tasks such as setting up conference calls/meetings, to the more complex tasks such as analyzing and compiling the data itself; each step needs to be properly documented in order to clearly identify responsibilities and resources. I suggest using either Excel-based template such as a work breakdown structure (WBS) or Microsoft Project. Both tools are resourceful for managing data collection timelines.

2. Data collection tools there are several methods of collecting data: online surveys, phone interviews, focus groups and yes, even dreaded jflow surveys. Each type possesses its own advantages and disadvantages. DC method you use, there are bound to be obstacles to overcome along the way. One of the more contemporary methods of data collection is through online surveys which by the way, I am a HUGE fan of! Taking surveys online what a lifesaver at a small association I worked for. They were still, get this, collecting survey responses from paper! Talk about being stuck in a time warp.


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