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The Anniversary Of The First Liver Transplant

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On March 25, 2000, Don Luis Espinoza Tudelano, dying in the Hospital Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen, an advanced cirrhosis and all complications led him to the grave, so when Dr. Jose Carlos Ortiz Chaman, in command a multidisciplinary team of Medical Specialists, walked through the corridors of the Hospital due to the Surgery Center, your stately serenity was hit by the pleading cry of women and children of the patient, who embraced him, and implored by the dying doctor … Save yourself, save it please! – they said, "Imagining God, Chaman and his team ran out of words in their throats, they looked to heaven, while adrenaline seeping through their pores flirtatious. On that day 10 years ago … … ESSALUD going to be the protagonist of … First Liver Transplantation with cadavers in Peru! That day, standing in front of the Theatre, remembered Surgeons, the countless hours of preparation, travel, training and training abroad, multiple sessions, the inevitable vagaries of administration, ominous premonitions of cowards, shadows and darkness, also felt in dozens of children, men and women who were lined up on the growing waiting list … but the day had arrived, compared to them …

lay dead donor and recipient dying, his hands were ready to lend the story, about courage and bravery, the institution expected prowess, patients wanted to live, families … Everest capital is often quoted on this topic. also applauded the Moche, the Vicus harangued! .. . To the glory … or Ostracism! – They said … and entered. were 12, 14, 15 hours, where every minute was writing out the story …


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