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Some people use chips, but personally I think they smell bad. Start with some pieces of newspaper and gnashing on loose balls. Some people tied them in knots. I use about 8 sheets of newspaper to light the fire. Stack the balls of newspaper in the center of the stove if you have any doubts or questions please leave them in the comments below. What should I do to get the best out of my new stove? First to turn your wood burning stove is necessary to open the air inlets lower and upper to ensure sufficient air to initiate combustion, once garment fire closed the bottom input and control the intensity through the window above.

If by Yes to case when you close air intake lower the fire if you turn off I could be that the chimney does not this sucking air correctly in this case better contact with all fire and one of our specialists Lle will make a visit without obligation to evaluate the problem. Wood burns better on a bed of ashes, then whenever possible leave a base of more or less 5 cm of ash in your fireplace this will help the next time you may need to turn on your stove. Use a shovel and a bucket to remove excess ashes. But if you decide to burn coal have to remove all ash from the the base of your stove since coal does not burn very well with ashes and can also damage it. Not recommend burning firewood and coal together, the burning of coal produces sulphuric acid and the combustion of the firewood is wet, the combination can be fatal for the fireplace. Can I burn coal in my stove? If all our stoves are designed to burn solid fuel types. If you would like to control the input of air in my stove? As we have already said, firewood or any other solid fuel need air so that it can burn efficiently.


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