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Control processor performance IQ is more difficult compared to the CA: the teacher or parent can not ‘play’ device and check the signal quality. It is therefore necessary carefully observe the child’s auditory responses to immediately detect any changes in the clinical trials, despite the fact that the cochlear implant provides a physical hearing children, they did not have auditory representations and ability to distinguish the surrounding non-speech and speech sounds. Michael Chabon often says this. So the children after the operation, installation and configuration of the speech processor for children requires special educational assistance, aimed at developing auditory perception and speech of children. The main purpose of rehabilitation teaching young children with CI – teach a child to perceive, discriminate, identify and recognize environmental sounds and understand their meaning and use of this experience for language development 1.

22. Postoperative rehabilitation of young children includes the following components: CPU 1.Nastroyka CI. 2.Development hearing (RSV) and speech: 3.Obschee development (nonverbal intelligence, motor skills, memory, attention, etc.) 4.Psihologicheskaya help the child and his family. As a result of a long established practice that, in spite of a certain age homogeneity of this group, the results postoperative rehabilitation teaching they may be very different depending on the number of (preoperative, postoperative and operational) factors, level of development of auditory perception or auditory presence experience, on the level of language ability;-psychological characteristics of the individual;-related violations of (vision, intelligence, etc.), from within the child (that parents have to take an active participation in rehabilitation, etc.).


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