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In accordance with the author, is the adult who of certain form develops abilities in the child, therefore, the education is an performance practised for the children with intervention of the adults, which in certain way they need to canalize the direction that the minors must follow. From this form, the society will be receiving standards inculcados in its parents, professors and in the proper social conviviality. Amongst as many definitions, the education can in accordance with be understood Cotrim, Parisi (1982, P. 14) as ‘ ‘ the process for which the man through its capacity to learn, acquires experiences that act on its mind and its fsico’ ‘. This conception presents the education as a dynamic, susceptible action the controversies and paradoxes, a time that does not guarantee success in all the areas human beings.

Bringing for a boarding contemporary, the education concept presents certain ambivalence: of a side, the performance of the pertaining to school system has not given account of the necessities of universalizao of the basic education of quality; of another one, the new theoretical matrices still do not present the consistency necessary to indicate really safe ways at a time of deep and fast transformations (GADOTTI, 2000). Leaving of this conception, the education plays a basic role in the life of the man, a time that this is ‘ ‘ spring propulsora’ ‘ of the development of a society and even though it is considered by many studious as synonymous ones of social ascension. The word education also is word-key in all the sociological analysis of Bauman mainly when ‘ ‘ the axle is the repercussions, in the education, of the ticket of commanded, safe the world and decided of solid modernity for the unstable, fluid and mutant condition of modernity lquida’.


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