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A new and modern way in corporate governance. The challenges facing executives in companies faced, have changed significantly in recent years. The markets have become more open, global, and transparent. Beyond the business approach are the customers and staff more clearly into focus. It is a further understood that as”not the requirements imposed on the company. New approaches must be taken to remain on the market and grow.

In the past was the corporate culture tried by models to realign. The mission should give direction to the inside and motivating for the whole organization. Enterprise it should show what the company stands for. It formulated a target State of which the company wants to achieve. A mission statement describes the vision of a company, as well as the desired corporate culture. It is part of the normative management and provides the framework for strategies, objectives and operational action. It formulated a desired goal State. Whether and to what extent models perform their function is controversial in theory and practice.

“The criticism of individual visions goes in two directions: either the content of the mission statement or individual components are rejected or but the mission statement as a collection of platitudes” criticized for not giving to orientation. The question of whether the development of a vision can actually be starting point for positive change in an organization is always controversial. In visions, an ideal is often described with much effort, that has little to do with reality. In principle, no answer is given as this ideal becomes a reality. The procedure of the Unternehmenspanoramaist by the management consultancy cumverbis developed how, to enable the executives a holistic view of your company. You look at your business from different perspectives. Thus they gain insight into problems and areas of conflict, which previously only very blurred, however subliminally were noticeable for everyone.


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