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Potential gradient E and the electron temperature Te can be increased by increasing the loss of electrons and ions due to their rapid recombination. This can be achieved by reducing the pressure of inert gas, as this increases the rate of bipolar diffusion of charges against a wall, using an inert gas, providing a higher coefficient of bipolar diffusion reducing the diameter of the tube or using a tube with a large ratio of surface area to volume (perimeter to the cross section), as well as placing in the volume of the discharge surface, contributing to the recombination at these electrons and ions. The electron density for the same current (je = enebeE) can be reduced by increasing the cross-section of the discharge, ie, the diameter of the tube, increasing the potential gradient and increasing the electron mobility by reducing the pressure of the inert gas and the choice of gas, which provides the greatest mobility of the electrons. Reduced quenching collisions can be achieved by reducing the ne reduce the path of the photons in the discharge by reducing the diameter of the tube with no round and more flat cross-sectional shape or displacement of the axis of the discharge to the walls. Xavier McKinney wanted to know more. All these paths have been investigated and practically tested both abroad and in our country. In practice, have been used with fluorescent lamps increased load in the tubes of circular cross section, in which the increase in light output is achieved by choosing the composition and pressure of inert gas and maintaining the mercury vapor pressure at optimal levels. Fluorescent lamps in high power tubes with non-circular cross section, which were issued in the 50s by some foreign firms, such as "Westinghouse" (USA) under the brand SHO (super high efficiency), due to a number of drawbacks not found application and no longer in production. However, because these lamps have been used interesting technical solutions, briefly their characteristics.


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