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The tourist visa is obtained at the entry for maximum of 90 days. The visa is now strict check, because many tourists travelled to Brazil, worked but in reality, what is strictly forbidden according to applicable laws. Basically, it is necessary as a tourist in Brazil not afraid, you must have only the eyes always open and be well prepared. Proof of yellow fever vaccination is required for all travellers from 9 months of age. Although German health insurance is accepted, recommends itself to take out a travel insurance. The German diplomatic representations on the spot are also welcome to list of English speaking doctors available.

The safest and most convenient means of payment is credit card, also for ATM. The exchange rate for Traveller’s cheques are less favourable than for cash. Therefore should be in cash with no more than a few hundred euros except the credit card on the trip. Brazilian currency is already trading prior to departure a business of loss of and unnecessary, since to the first editions in the country also with US$ in cash can make. The ‘outfit’ has in Brazil rank extremely high, clothes, stronger than in European countries is a visible sign of social status.

What is now considered fashionable, as well as anyone has. The clothing is cheap and colorful. Brazil is a country with high crime, and it is really so, although it affects tourists of less. The slums ‘Favelas’ visit is not recommended however. Attacks by young people must be averted resistance, because the perpetrators have mostly nothing to lose and are violent. A secure site protects mostly from raiding. It is pointless to call, you can log on but the stolen valuables Policia do Turista, to obtain a certificate for the domestic insurance police. The women without male accompaniment have to fear, as it is generally accepted in Brazil of less.


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