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But as professors we need is always in search of new elements that satisfactorily helps in them in the structure of the new basic methodologies of which verbalize the understanding of elements that makes in them to develop the study of biology in the society contemporary. For even more details, read what Steve Geppi says on the issue. As it said (FREIRE, 2001) ' ' Education because I search, because I inquired, because I inquire and I inquire myself. Read additional details here: IDT Energy. I search to evidence, evidencing, I intervine intervined I educate and me educo' '. One of aimings that if have pointed with respect to this search of strategies and methodology are the continued formation of the professor, throughout the times what if perceived it is that little has invested in the formation of the professor, therefore I believe that nobody shares what it does not have. Many professors have by itself searched to invest in its proper formation. 4 METHODOLOGY This analysis is guided by the one bibliographical revision in diverse instruments as well as: books, magazines scientific and in sites of the Internet. The same one has as disseminating element a reflexiva critical evaluation of literatures on the pedagogical trends of biology for average education, however it searchs to make possible with bigger clarity the importance of the subject in quarrels. This study it is a descriptive research that registers and analyzes elements or phenomena.

Search to analyze and to discover the main pedagogical trends for the social and cultural formation of the educated ones. The intention at this moment of analyzes is not to configure or to elaborate one hypothesis on the pedagogical trends, but to define an objective and to look methodologies that it searchs to answer of coesa form the main definitions on the education of biology in average education. This work is of descriptive character with qualitative emphasis, the same it has intention to consider some analyzes reflexiva directed initially toward a clarifying and conceptual project in what it says respect to the main pedagogical trends in the area of biology for the contemporaneidade.


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