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In its work, adhere to the following learning strategies: 1. Accelerated development of basic skills through the restructuring of the main curriculum in line with higher levels of knowledge and development of gifted students ('acceleration'). 2. Involve students in active learning activities to develop and solve problems in research work ('Enrichment'). 3. Providing students the opportunity to build relationships within the proposed system of knowledge by concentrating on key issues, ideas and themes ('interdisciplinary studies').

So, in the modern world can not imagine working with gifted children who are not using the computer. Interest in studying the problems of using ict in teaching and development of gifted children each year increases. Are developing methods Training focused on gifted children, methods of identifying and evaluating talent, and to identify positive and negative effects that computerization has on mental development of gifted children. One of the very interesting factors that create the prerequisites for a successful education of gifted children with the use of ict and the Internet, inclusively is that these children are characterized by high autonomy in the process knowledge, they are widely used 'samoregulyatsionnye strategy' learning and easily transfer them to new tasks. You can also suggest that the development of special computer training programs that empower implement new methods and forms of learning and self-development, as well as the computerization of the control of knowledge will contribute to the realization of the principle of individualization of learning, so necessary for gifted students. Thanks to modern means of ict has created an environment for individualized learning needs of the individual construction of an adequate individual educational trajectory of development of the creative potential of gifted rights.


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