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Spirituality is self-knowledge. Body, Mind and Spirit A very important teaching that emerges from the perennial philosophy is the triple vision of human nature, as previously mentioned, we are an integrated whole in body, mind and spirit, where the latter is the fundamental reality and the first two overlapping instrumental play in the world of manifestation or material world. The transcendental is spiritual, is something abstract, disembodied, difficult to perceive, and difficult for many of us feel, is the quality of our being. To this day, our world is supported primarily on the first two levels (physical or mental), ignoring or denying our true nature (again, the fundamental problem of our world fragmented, disjointed world of our main cause of many problems suffering our society at all levels, cultural, political, environmental as in the scientific and in many more areas). Our mental life is precious and we must try to think positive thoughts, but thoughts are not our true identity resides in the nature of thought or mental life. Thoughts come and go, can be optimistic or pessimistic, but regardless of this being always remains what it is.

Education and spirituality at this point I think we have a little more clear why we decided to first talk about spirituality. Spirituality is not owner, does not belong to any church, guru or book. When spirituality is seen as religious product with the owner, its huge significance is obscured. Spirituality as the essential nature of human beings is the foundation of all genuine education.


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