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The Oyster And The Pearl

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*Jose Antonio Loyola Fogueira Boris was one of the children new of a family of thousand of oysters, and since small always it complained, for the fact to have that to live grasped to some thing, chorale, rock or thing that are it did not like its clothes found dark, and without brightness. Sea, choral they and they liked yes them colors its neighbors as the star it diverse fish that in its constant ballet could go and always come, in one frenesi colorful and maluco. This yes was the life that Boris wanted a freedom life. All its friends grew of sped up form and became if adult and free and Boris continued imprisoned to some thing, and with the same clothes, dirty and without brightness, of of the deep one of the sea in the days of few clouds if it enchanted there with the rays of the sun and them if it enamored. with them made plans to leave the blackout of the oceans to live close to that one that as much loved the sun, therefore for it felt an attraction since small wise person not to say if it was the brightness or its heat left that it thus, fascinated. Its mother a wise person oyster in apogee of its maturity, if asked amongst as many children, because Boris, is thus, alone desires the impossible one, the attachable one as will go to explain that its feeling is something impossible, without hurts my son?

The time passed and its mother was aflita to each question of Boris, therefore not wise person as to say, that similar sorts are not loved, they cannot form couples, that its desire was wrong? Thus it suffered Boris, in its innocence to love the sun, and its mother in trying to protect it, of its love, arrived the hour of being informed about the rules of the sea, its mysteries and its beauties and everything that it wanted to know age when could be to the side of the sun, its tutor spoke and spoke, at certain moment, noticing its lack of interest for education its tutor asked where think son? Boris in its more singela innocence said: – In the day to be next to the sun, and in the love that I feel for it.


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