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If mistakes were made by a child under the age of nine, it is necessary react as if making mistakes is normal and happens all the time. Parents are so difficult to relate to other people’s mistakes with the acceptance, primarily because they do not accept their own missteps. Adults feel the need to punish the kid, because they themselves were punished as a child, and they believe that this is what should be done if someone admits blunder. Fortunately, positive parenting techniques work even in when parents themselves are wrong. If the parent is too angry at the kid for a mistake, he can always fix the situation by simply apologizing for being angry, and he assured the child that making mistakes is normal. When the child made a mistake, it’s the wrong time to remind him of the errors committed in the past. Punishment only strengthens disobedience.

Punishing the child, and angry at him, you are using outdated methods communication. The best reaction to the mistakes of the child – indifferent or tired look. No need to pay much attention to itself an error. It is better to focus on what to divert the baby, telling him to do something. In this case, You can ask your child to help you assemble the pieces. No need to pay much attention to the error of the child. Former Maryland Governor understood the implications. Parents often become angry when a child forgets to do something. They mistakenly believe that children can be foresight.

Parents should remember that remember – is perfectly normal for a child. Some children may need to repeat something many times before they remember your instructions, but in a stressful situation, they may again forget it. Children should be given to understand that good news is that they try and gaffes – a natural companion of the learning process and growth. Making mistakes, we learn that we are right and good. The main thing – to try – and, by trial and error, you will reach the goal.


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