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The Right Coffee Cure

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As it can the leading government deliver in diverse hands the health of Brazilian people? GOD does not sleep and goes in accordance with to repay to each one its workmanships. Official site: Bernie Sanders. He is thinking that is toy? GOD knows what he goes in the heart of each person. The Coffee cure 22 they will not build so that others inhabit; they will not plant so that others eat; because the longevity of my people will be as of the tree, and my elect ones they will enjoy all of the workmanships of its proper hands. 23 they will not work in vain, nor will have children for the calamity, because they are the bendita posterity Mr., and its children will be with them. Book of the Prophet Isaiah, CAP. 65:22 and 23. The coffee cure! It hinders to go to the sepulture Much people That indifferent Already left themselves to abate Because it does not obtain to understand its prrpio badly. The pure coffee Is the safe remedy For the cure of an disease That still it invests On as much people.

One xicrinha of coffee Can change the faith Of the scientist of antanho That it vegetates in the dream Of mirabolantes things. The real coffee Has to remain after all In our Native land to recoup the mass Of all disease. It is the panacea That the man who is well Must also take. He is not a palliative one That he only puts the enemy To the long distance; It is the total cure and if he finds after all When making use of all. The coffee purssimo That pra is ordered there is and much people ignore Have the cure of the cancer; Therefore the Highest Father would not place in badly incurable spirit One.


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