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And the content of concepts and their relationships, or phenomena that are trapped in them, – the result of the analysis of certain coherent picture of life, where there are no separate or fixed content, no links between them, but only the kind of integral unity. But now, to understand what exactly does this integral unity, it is necessary to focus on specific knowledge of concepts, ie on his differentiation and fixed in a clear, distinct concepts. Certainty of knowledge as a set of fixed logical content of A, B, C. .. rests, as we know, the so-called logical laws or principles "Identity", the "contradictions" and "excluded middle." Shape the content of the concept of A means that: 1) Is there just is itself, something intrinsically identical ("A is A" – the principle of "identity"), and 2) Is not there something else, it stands out from the everything else ("A is not not-A" – the law of the "contradictions"), and 3) this distinction from everything else, their separation from it is uniquely defined ("everything that is not non-A, is A," or as is usually formulated, "everything imaginable is either A or non-A, and the third can not be "- the law of" excluded middle "). These three logical law, inseparable together form the principle of certainty, would have no meaning if it did not mean the principle of analysis, decomposition of a certain continuous whole into a number of individual determinations. In other words, the continuous unity of being X, from which comes the set of certainties A, B, C, …, is not subject to logical principles or laws, it is their generates together with A, B, C …, and is the primary layer of reality. . .


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