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Lakatos, 2001. Still, the general patterns of historical process, identifying its main line – this is a metaphysical problem. Former Maryland Governor shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Now, this is a metaphysical problem and methodology of science. However, the rule for long time, the methodological concept of logical positivism has led to the modern interpretation of that statement and the history of science and, therefore, methodological issues are currently on its deep imprint. In psychology, this is particularly noticeable.

Isolation of psychology as an independent science, despite the claims and warnings of the founders of James W., 2000 W. Wundt, 2002; Vvedensky, AI, 1915, was still under the banner of positivism. It is therefore possible to assume that the departure from positivism, many psychologists believe an attack on the independence of psychology as a science and therefore unacceptable. I. Lakatoc I.

Lakatos, 2001 attempted to find main line of history of science through the so-called rational reconstruction, by which he meant the identification of the internal logic of scientific ideas. It should be noted that the movement of scientific ideas influenced not only by internal logic of scientific knowledge. The starting point for a rational reconstruction of the history of psychology is one or the other paradigm, a set of methodological rules and principles based on which methodology provides development of psychology as a process of development of certain ideas, determined only by its internal laws. Each paradigm interprets these laws in their own development and represents a specific way. As a result, each methodological School presents the story in its own way, and at first glance there are no limits to the methodological arbitrariness in relation to history.


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