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Psychological area: Without a doubt it is most important, since the mind is the one that lately decides between the success and the failure. If you wish to be successful in the life, you must learn to dominate the negative thoughts that daily invade their mind. If you want that the things change in their outer life, first they must change internamente. You must be able to visualize like a success person, not of failure. It programs his mint for the success and the success will come. 2.

Physiological area: Triumphant people have a higher level of energy than the others. Not necessarily they are sport people, but they know to take care of his body to render to the maximum during his day. Thus they manage to stay alert to see opportunities that others ignore. They do not get tired nor they remain slept, since they worry about his feeding, his hours of rest and make exercises regularly. Details can be found by clicking Panther Coffee or emailing the administrator. 3.

Productive area: People of success are more productive. Many the most productive being means to increase the amount of work. Nevertheless, the greater productivity of a success person is not in which they work the double that the others, but administer their 24 daily hours of another way. Not necessarily they work more, but they are more efficient in which they do. They are organized, they are dedicated to which they know to do well and they delegate it to the rest. 4. Area of influence: All we have certain circle of influence. Always our acts influence in the life of others in major or minor degree. The people who prevail in the life are conscientious on which its success depends on its capacity to influence and to persuade the people who around have to his in favor of their ideas and projects. 5. Sense of intention: Underlying to all the previous areas is a felt fort of intention that literally drives the successful person forwards. It has a clear vision than it wants to obtain and his normally aspirations go beyond a merely economic repayment. It executes his daily work with passion, since it lodges a great dream in his heart.


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