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With this we’re talking about reducing or void the possibility that children move away from family, which the parents live together the successes of the children and as spouses reach the promise of always live side by side, with the satisfaction of complementarity that provokes in couples respect and increases love. This leaves aside what now they tend to say the new couples is common and natural that after so long of live together us away, we tired, we live together by custom; in this way they will no longer be only beings that share a physical space House and continue living in a space of love called home. In this case the vision may not be at the stage of being just a cute idea. To make it a real vision, have to take the next step: this next step is to set aside the idealization of family and put into action each of the goals charted as a good intention for the future; make it real, causing that you begin to happen. To start it is important that has been with two essential elements, which are faith in the capacity to achieve its metar and faith in the commitment that can awaken and develop among the members of his family and commitment in the sense of do feel to their children and couple that to be part of that family and with natural and learned capabilities have the ability to meet targets through a reflection by the knowledge of the benefits. As I mentioned earlier, to create a common vision, it is requirement that this is determined primarily by the parents, then integrate the children in the final conformation of this, which will give them a sense of belonging, respect and acceptance to the family group to which they belong. This will take them to reach mutual agreements where all are and will know integrated as members of the family. .


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