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Some civilizations have continued its chronicle of the earth in ethereal world, and still live there. The astral world is created so that the soul had the opportunity to live those situations that are not tight to the world will never happen. In it, as in the dense world, there are trees and a variety of creatures. This world consists of two worlds – the second world, as if the former is a superstructure. Everyone goes there in his sleep. This is the most driven of all possible worlds. In the astral world everything goes according to script, without the right choice for the creatures that inhabit it – they like the fruit imagination, but still alive. Some creatures of the astral world can share the power of his, and some – to pick up.

This allows the essence of human world to live many lifetimes in one, adding to the affairs of the dense world affairs Astral. The astral world it would be better described as "fabulous" or the world of dreams. Mental world of another. It is divided into three worlds in the likeness of dolls – one inside the other. Fruit for food is not provided there – the energy fed all. The main food of the world is the energy of the stars.

Vegetation in this world there is only energy and ocean creatures are different, but reasonable. Opportunities they have more than we, as have more freedom. But the strength of mind in man above, as a person – God, enclosed in a dense body.


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