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Dear diploma students! We have many years of working for you and with you, so well aware of those problems that you encounter in the process of writing a thesis, and in preparing to defend it. Problems so much that the very protection is no longer a test, but rather a relief – finally all over. Your patience all soon, indeed, will end, because you only to write a review Your diploma. Yourself. Do not be afraid of the last sentence. Under the current system of higher education organization in the country is not surprising that the student is often left alone with his thesis work.

Research managers do not want (option: they can not) to write reviews, and offer to do so by the students or anyone else who has somehow been connected with your thesis work (for example, colleagues, employer, manager externship, etc.). Of course, this is not always but often. Well, what's the point in this kind of reasoning? All is well aware of all themselves. Let's move on to the subject in the title of this article. Review, as we know it – a document containing an assessment of your research paper. Of course, this is – not the score, which eventually will be on display for your diploma, but that – an estimate that may affect the opinion of the Certification Commission. For general information: a review usually contains a brief analysis written by graduate studies, an indication of the degree of compliance with existing requirements for this kind of work.


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