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Thrash Metal Walls

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The subject it is between choosing to pay or to work more. I advise to work more and to make one same panels of wool of glass or mineral instead of the plates or polyurethane panels. The wool absorbs much more, but there is q to do a frame to him of wood, to place the wool inside and soon to cover with a fine fabric already q if it volatilizes can do very badly to the health. However the polyurethane goes directly on the wall if it is wanted. I prefer the wool but it is not that he is better, is according to the needs. In many enclosures and rooms of test that I have designed I combined both material. Ground to use glass wool for the walls and fonoabsorbente polythene material for the ceiling and works excellently.

I do this because he is much more comfortable and safe to stick polyurethane panels in the ceiling or high zones that to suspend a frame with glass wool that is always heavier. Advice: they do not exaggerate with the positioning of materials. I have seen many rooms of test in which directly the walls nor the ceiling are not seen be covers completely by these materials. That this very badly. They add little by little the absorbents and they are listening as it responds the room of test. They disperse the absorbents equitably. The room must have controlled reflections but.

They eliminate the reflections in the angles of 90 that form between the walls. All the rooms of test do not work equal for all the styles. If they touch Bossa Nova they are going to need less absorption. If they touch to Thrash Metal more. I advise to read Part 2 (Equipment: its disposition, optimization and handling.) Since there they are going to find Tips very won on like and where to place the amplifiers, instruments and boxes of P.A. Also Tips on Ecualizacin and FXs within the test.


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