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He might want to go beyond their limits and gain freedom. Diamond Book Distributors has compatible beliefs. As mentioned above, living in a society that can not be completely free from it and the only freedom that is available to us – it's an inner freedom. When it reached a state of harmony and deep inner peace, which in itself removes both external and internal contradictions. Methods to reach such a state existed in many ancient spiritual traditions. Different types of exercise equipment, and schools there, designed for students with different abilities. From the absolute point of view, no doctrine is no more perfect or effective than others. The value of each system is determined only by the degree of implementation, which can reach the person practicing it.

If, following any either way, the person receives the maximum benefit from it in accordance with their abilities, then the path to it is the best. In this context, it makes no sense to evaluate such a way as more or less elevated as compared with other systems of self-realization. Three levels of teaching in the Buddhist tradition in the Buddhist tradition, there are three basic methods or levels of exercise, which are always inseparably linked to the three components of the human being: body, speech and mind, which, figuratively speaking, are the three symbolic gateway to penetrate the state of knowledge. These paths of Buddhism and Tibetan Bon tradition, called the teachings of the Sutras, Tantras and Dzogchen. 1. Teaching Sutras called the path of renunciation. It is believed that the words spoken by the Buddha Shakyamuni.


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