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Tokyo Inaugurated Park Theme

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Hello Kitty is the most famous character, has more than thirty years, and its popularity does not decay. Credit: novelist-2011. It is a source of income for the company Sanrio, which seems not never end. A proof of this inexhaustible success is the theme park of Hello Kitty Venus Fort in Tokyo (Japan) found in the Mall. This space under roof, inaugurated last month, occupies an area of approximately 1,000 square meters. Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise s was developed by Sanrio and PleasureCast and soon became one of the most important attractions of the Odaiba district. Theme park aims to seduce girls today and mothers who grew up admiring the famous cat in white color and tie in the head.

The facilities are divided into three major areas: one dedicated to the recreation games and even a theater (that projects images of Hello Kitty in a vaulted ceiling), another with dining options and a third with the inevitable shops. The proponents of the project trust received more than 700,000 visitors in the first year of operations. Anyway, Hello Kitty also appears in other Japanese parks, as Harmonyland (on the island of Kyushu) and Sanrio Purolando (located in Tama). Tokyo has a series of cheap hotels to host tourists wishing to visit this fabulous theme park. Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise s novelty is that he is regarded as the first worldwide indoor amusement park. This feature offers certain advantages, although the lack of space logic prevented the installation of large infrastructures. Original author and source of the article


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