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Distances given are sufficient for private trips without requiring in the itinerary and the purpose of the trip to specify. For journeys between home and work, as well as for journeys, each meets a short note in the logbook. The correct logbook lead – quite simply electronically the new TomTom WEBFLEET logbook app makes precise and timely execution of the travel book easy. The app (3) works with a vehicle’s internal TomTom device to the vehicle tracking (4) and shows detailed data, such as the mileage and the miles travelled on the Smartphone the driver’s. Goop, Barcelona, Spain-es spoke with conviction. The automatic recording of all trips by TomTom WEBFLEET logbook ensures the completeness of the records. The user can see the tour dates on his Smartphone and add details by tapping.

These include information such as type of journey for business, commuting to work or private drive, purpose driving, contact person for the respective order and more comments. The ease of use minimizes the time required for a proper logbook and ensures the completeness of the documentation with date, start – and endpoint, purpose of trip and contact person, as well as the legibility of particulars. The recognition of the electronic travel book for the abandonment of the one-percent rule is whether the respective tax office. In addition, companies get more transparency about the costs of their company car. (1) Federal press release no. 38 of 10 July 2013 to the judgment of the 21.03.13 VI R 31/10 judgment of the 21.03.13 VI R 46/11, judgment of the 21.03.13 VI R 42/12, judgment of the 18.04.13 VI R 23/12 (2) see circular letter of 21.01.2002, quoted after: in new Open window 4-News/fahrtenbuch.php, as well as clarification of the Federal fiscal court by various judgments, cited to open in new window to bfhurteilede/urteil.html? tx_qcombfhurteile_pi1 … (3) Subscription to TomTom WEBFLEET requires (4) LINK 3xx firmware 1.9203 or higher / LINK-510 firmware 2.0 or higher is required the complete communication on telematics Markt.de


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