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Often, by the vivid memories of childhood, we are those in which we create something and do themselves or with their parents. Most of all remember the simple games or toys that bring so much joy and pleasure, desire to play them again and again. Today, we rarely make the toys with their hands, because almost anything can be bought at the store. Meanwhile, it is handmade toys can transmit this image that stands behind them. For example, wooden swords or machines, specially made with their parents, are often more beloved than the brightest purchase. Others including Alicia Keys, offer their opinions as well. Why? They contain only the essential features of that object, nothing more, and it is so Like children.

In addition, such a toy – the subject of this pride, because her "dad did" or "I made myself with my mother (father)", which undoubtedly is the child a manifestation of your love for him. Creating with your child toys with their hands, doing exactly what he wanted to play, you give him a good lesson in how to understand others, and also just a good time. In this case, the materials for creativity can be very different. This wax modeling, natural felt, wood, wool for felting. All of these materials, as well as pencils and crayons may be natural for a long time to take even the most restless explorer of the world. Mom, this gives an opportunity to do themselves or the house and then you can proceed with painting or sculpting. That was a beginning of creation, which is of educational games for children can turn into art for the whole family. Modern children are often spoiled by a large many other playthings, and the attitude towards them in the main consumer – to play and quit, because it became boring.

Attitudes toward toys made his hands more gentle and warm. He has not abandoned his horse, because he had so long oshkurival its rind, made her mane is particularly smooth. Such a horse can become a true friend, and a simple wooden machine, which is so convenient to take the hand goes into a really fantastic, invented by child's country. Careful attitude to the world of teaching and eco-friendly toys and eco-toy, as it is called. A good example of environmentally friendly toys are wooden toys handmade, they have a warmth and a special slow and thoughtful approach to life. It is these toys, thanks to its simple way, teach children to think, develop his imagination and creativity.


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