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We become each time more object of reproduction of what of transformation. It thinks about its pertaining to school trajectory, as much as pupil as how much teacher; it sees if some time, in these years all, you had the subtle sensation of being as those dolls marionettes manipulated? So dedicated, so obedient, so without identity! Either sincere and it says if some time you felt that it would make the difference? Reply: Yes! New question: had left you to make the difference? You if accomodated after some frustrate attempts? After all, nothing more natural, therefore, we were educated for the submission, the acceptance without questioning, for the docilidade, the heteronomia. Why to bother the others then! Of this form, we continue waiting that a cosmic revolution occurs and that the angels go down to the Land anuanciando that God in its infinite wisdom and goodness, he will order ' ' Noel&#039 papa; ' to bring of gift the solution for our more complex and irresolvveis problems! of breaking, as one has offered celestial, to Curupira of hands given with the Leprechau of the end of the arc Iris will bring respectively: the ecolgia conscience and the richness for all the human beings! It has! But acknowledgment: they continue seated to the wait of a miracle! But that words aggressive, that causes revolt, that makes people if to feel infuriated, that they discomfort our ego after all, this is not truth! It will be! He is who knows, perhaps, either of this aggressiveness that let us need. remembers, aggressiveness is not synonymous of violence, is dealt with here as newness, decision feeling, of transformation, to go beyond Ei, will be that its pupils are not suffering the same reproducionismo that we suffer 20, 30 years behind in the school? Clay marionettes, dolls, cachorrinho of the Pavlov, perhaps But it is so more easy to work thus, always was thus, why we have that to move! Change aches, is everything is of the place, that one baguna, loses the control of the things! But, pera, is not of baguna that the arrumao can appear, the organization! If everything already will be certinho, arrumadiho, pr what it is that people serve then! We need to desestabilizar, to be able to find the harmony again; this harmony will not be the same one of before, therefore we will have grown, had to the tumbles, rightnesss, mistakes, profits of our prepension arrumao. For more specific information, check out Bloomsbury.


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