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Turkey – Istanbul LASIK Eye Lasers

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Many medical tourists travel to carry out its eye laser treatment in Turkey. Turkey witnessed a huge economic boom in recent years. Now the country between Asia and Europe is one of the fastest growing countries worldwide. Only China’s economy is growing even faster. Turkey is of particular importance in medical tourism. With over four hundred modern hospitals and medical facilities the largest city of Turkey, has become the world metropolis of Istanbul, the capital of the medical care in Europe. Each year it attracts over three hundred thousand foreign tourists for medical treatment in Turkey.

For what medical treatments is the Turkey visited prefers? Eye laser treatments and hair transplants are to name a few. But also the implantation of dental implants and General infinite surgery such as breast lift, and liposuction be done very much in Turkey. Since more than visually patients in Turkey fifteen years are treated with the laser eye. Accordingly, the eye laser Turkey”has a long history. Many of the Turkish laser eye specialists have years of experience in the eye lasers.

Some operators look back on a wealth of experience of over 40,000 successful laser eye treatments. The eye clinics in Istanbul are equipped with the most modern laser eye technology even usually made in Germany also, “. Long the Turkey eye laser is more in German or other European medical tourists who want to spend no more money eye lasers for the necessary no tip. Because the eye lasers Turkey you can save up to two-thirds compared to a laser eye treatment in Germany. The first step in the Turkey’s eye lasers is the creation of the Hornhautflaps. Contact information is here: Dr. Mark Hyman. At the traditional LASIK surgery, a special precision Gages is taken to help partially to cut the cornea. This cutting instrument also called a microkeratome. The Corneal flap created as a result of the incision is only about 0.16 mm thin and has the shape and the appearance of a normal contact lens. In the modern Femto LASIK and iLASIK is the corneal cutting with a knife, but rather with the ultra-fast femtosecond laser completely computer-controlled and beruhungsfrei. The second step in the Turkey’s eye lasers is the application of excimer laser to change the cornea. After the Hornhautflap like a book cover is been folded back through the eye laser surgeon, the excimer laser is used to take off layers of the corneal tissue. In this way, the patients existing refractive error is corrected. After the Turkey eye laser light beams fall again exactly at a point on the retina, which has a sharp and clear image of the environment for the patient. After Turkey eye laser the corneal flap back to the original starting position back folded back. The eye lasers Turkey takes only approximately fifteen to twenty minutes and is a outpatient surgery, which means that the patient back or back can go eye lasers after the home in the hotel. In the iLASIK the Femto LASIK connects technology technology of so-called Wavefront LASIK. This means that the cornea of the patient on the basis of the individual profile of ablation is laser-etched. To implement this, a wavefront analysis using the so-called Aberrometer performed previously. The cornea is measured at over two hundred different points and the result is a three-dimensional picture of the cornea. This result then incorporated into the calculation of the cornea removal by the excimer laser. Clemens Weber


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