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All we are is the result of our thoughts. Michael Chabon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It is built on the idea. It is based on the idea. Buddha ('Dhammapada') recently in a book by Richard Anthony Wilson, "Prometheus the rebel," read one sentence, which I immediately caught. It seems to me that it lies a special force that holds the key to a rather drastic changes in their lives. If you want it. Before this idea to sound, a little foreplay to make it clear what's what.

And who is where. How would blasphemous (and at the same time banal) as it may sound, but we all live in a world of its own, which is mistaken by many as an objective reality. Everything we know about this "objective" reality – it a set of sensations received by us have passed through our filters bizarre mental apparatus (mind, intellect, logic – the call as you want), formed under the influence of sometimes extremely subjective opinion, beliefs and mental apparatus of our parents, teachers, friends, media and the like, which, in turn, shaped by the words, … such subjectivity is not even square or cube, but in an infinitely large degree. And you still then think that perceive the "objective" reality? What others view it as well? These were the questions "to think", and referred us back to the filters. You can call them the beliefs, attitudes, belief – does not important. It is important that they are configured in such a way that you feel comfortable believing in something …


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