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Udo Jurgens Put: Second Deadline For LANXESS Arena Stands

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On 14 November, the charismatic singer returns to Cologne runs the presale! Already on Saturday, February 7, 2009, Udo Jurgens the LANXESS will fill arena for the first time. Now Udo Jurgens put once again: the tickets for his second concert in the Saturday, November 14, available since January 24, 2009, to all known ticket agencies. Actually, Udo Jurgens, the 22nd tour wanted to go Yes somewhat quiet for 42 years. He wanted to take only\”32 concerts this time in the biggest halls of the German-speaking area. Swarmed by offers, John Mclaughlin is currently assessing future choices. Now, his loyal fans have made him a good stroke by the Bill. The good thing: Never Udo Jurgens could start to relax on a concert tour.

Some performances were sold out far in advance. Shortly before the premiere, only remaining tickets available on the entire tour. Reason enough, in November again to Cologne in the LANXESS arena to return. The enormous demand is not but of course. Nowhere near enough at the present time. And which also is success spoiled artists aware: this is madness! It filled me with great gratitude and anticipation, when I heard that tens of thousands of spectators take the whole circumstances and the sometimes arduous path in the concert halls to listen to me.\” That is quite honestly meant, because as the musician is always on the doubts and comes with so to speak existence of fears in the world\”, so the live maniac who has not yet forgotten his beginnings in show business hard. Again with the game is Udo musical friend Pepe Lienhard, which accompanied Udo Jurgens across not only with his Orchestra over the years, but has also significantly influenced his style. \”Already during the release of easy I\” Udo had therefore pointed to the importance of the live qualities of his songs. Certainly not self-evident, because it needs for an artist blessed with countless evergreens already quite a lot of risk-taking to at each concert tour again the uncomfortable way of new to break.


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