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Ulrike Adler Stevens

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The question of how the invitations should be designed quickly turns personalized invitation cards and credits during the wedding planning. “so the team of the founders. Every couple wants to send unique, stylish and above all personal invitations and credits. Sent with love by MARRYJim “addresses all the senses of the receiver. The bride and groom sends his sweet chocolate greetings as invitations or thank you card instead of simple mail. This is very simple: the bride and groom in the chocolate packaging is a romantic image, or the wedding photo. There is also enough space for an individual text.

The chocolate is packed ready for shipment. Missing only address and postage and the special invitation or original Thanksgiving is on the way. For more information see this site: Sinclair Martial Arts. The receiver breaks up the perforated window, looks on the happy couple and while enjoying the delicious chocolate. Three women stand behind “Sent with love by MARRYJim”: Ulrike Adler Stevens, Andrea Gadesmann and Nina Dautzenberg. This is the second part of a beautiful Kennlerngeschichte. While the designers bred Nina and Andrea on the many issues in the circle after individual wedding invitations, Ulrike struggled to find her wedding dress.

At the second call, the business ideas were born. The perfect partner for the chocolate greetings was Markus Hess, owner of schoggiMAIL. His Swiss premium chocolate meets the high standards of quality and the philosophy of MARRYJim: high-quality, pure chocolate with 50% Arriba cacao. To produce the finest cocoa beans from Venezuela, Ecuador and Ghana are read carefully, so that creates a unique, intense and creamy at the same time character. The packaging in local sheltered workshops are assembled. “Two star chefs called the chocolate, milk chocolate the the term premium” has really earned. The chocolate can be. It costs depending on the quantity between 5.90 and 6.90 euro


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