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The boarded subject is mentioned by some authors with different nomenclatures: siege moral, psicoterror, psychological terror, mobbing (used in Germany, Denmark, United States, Finlndia, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland), bulling (England and Canada), harassement (United States), ifime (used in Japan) among others. In Brazil, the term ‘ ‘ siege moral’ ‘ one became the most used for the authors. However, one becomes necessary to clarify that each one of the mentioned terminologies possesss one meaning different for its respective author, but essence they translate the elements that will go to characterize the moral siege as: the abusive behavior; the psychological nature that attempts against against the psychic dignity of the individual; the behavior reiteration; the intention to exclude the victim. Concerning these consideraes, Stadler defines the moral siege as: All and any behavior abusive, of nature psychological, that attempts against against the psychic dignity of the individual, of form repetitive and drawn out, that can cause damages to the physical or psychic integrity of a person, searching exclusion of the victim of the social environment. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Martin O’Malley. From this definition and on the basis of the characterized elements already mentioned we can understand a little better this phenomenon. When we speak in abusive behavior we are make reference to reference the excess, that is, it has an abusive attitude of the power of the employer who if valley of the intimidation and discrimination against its employee. However, valley to point out that the moral siege in the work can not only happen on the part of the employer with its subordinate, but also between colleagues of the same professional level. Another element to be considered is the psychological nature of attempted against the psychic dignity of the individual, therefore this type of injury ‘ ‘ invisvel’ ‘ it causes damages to the personality, transforming the victim into a unsafe person and to the times dependent of remedies..


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