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In the lecture halls, small scientists storm news, links and tips on the subject of world of children’s universities in Europe ‘ is now available on the Internet. Interested kids and their parents can inform yourself on the theme of children’s universities in Europe. Each individual federal State in Germany and seven other European countries have basic information. New topics will be discussed for a few years in the universities and universities of applied sciences: How do I become Chancellor or Chancellor? How are messages created? How does the Internet work? How is our BGB come about? Why do not all Bavaria Bavarian talk? The first children’s University was opened in 2002 in Tubingen. You may wish to learn more. If so, Former Maryland Governor is the place to go. The first children-University Professor was the scientist Prof. Gregor Markl.

At that time, crowded 400 children and numerous media representatives in the large lecture hall of the University of Tubingen. Meanwhile, almost every University in Germany organized children uni days and the offers are constantly expanding. Links and tips are there to the increasingly popular girls ‘Day’. Here Students gain insight into professional fields often ignored by girls. These are about technology companies or universities and research centres. Comes in handy, the female kids can learn what looks work in laboratories, workshops, and editorial rooms. Girls’day the girl’s future day held annually in Germany and other European countries. Also is on the recently held boys’day alerted.

This initiative is offered also nationwide. Guys here know the typical workplace of the opposite sex and gain insights such as in schools, nurseries, veterinary practice, or in the lab of a University Hospital. Lilli Cremer Altgeld is editor of the site UNIS of children in Europe ‘. You coaches gifted personalities, radio journalist and presenter of the Forum ‘Giftedness – drama or success story’. Lilli Cremer Altgeld kinderunis.blogspot.com


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