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The toyotismo, as he was known this period, inaugurates a vision of progress associated with the welfare state. For this reason, the companies had started to opt to tactics to deal with the worker, that consist of the reduction of control and greater participation in management (BORGES; YAMAMOTO, 2004). Contrary to this position, Alves and Antunes (2004, P. 345) describe that the toyotismo looks for to reconstruct the hegemony of the capital in full way, the real subsuno of the laboring subjectivity for the logic of the capital. Details can be found by clicking Former Maryland Governor or emailing the administrator. The model looks for more than what never, to reconstruct something that was basic in the manufacture: ' ' the old psicofsico nexus of the professional work qualificado' ' the active participation of intelligence, the fancy and the initiative of the work. However, they emphasize that the participation of the worker in the power to decide processes if finds in disharmony with what is produced and for who if produce, that is, the organizations do not support truily participation of the individuals in the management. In the decade of 80, to adaptarem the Japanese system of management to the reality of its countries, had created norms techniques with objectives to standardize the application of the contents of quality management, initially in the Europe, and after that in the world all (LAMB, 2004). Through an established not-governmental organization in 1947, the International Standart Organization, the norm called technique of ISO, that mentions the initials of the organization, was developed by the committee tcnico176 of the same one, come to occupy the place of an abundance of systems created by companies or associations (WOOD JNIOR; URDAN, 1997) In 1987, was approved the first version of the norm, ISO 9000 that she is composed for the following series: 9001 (guarantee of the quality in projects, development, production, installation and assistance technique), 9002 (guarantee of the quality in the production, installation and assistance technique), 9003 (guarantee of quality in the inspection and final assay), 9004 (supplies lines of direction to implant and to implement the quality system; administrative and human factors technician that affect the quality of products and services) (MOREJON, 2005).


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