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Sometimes we have feelings that are typical of what we are, we feel a tightness in the chest, choking, we feel that we stop being ourselves. Recently I was literally green with envy, never happened to me, I was the worst waste of the world. It seemed that this person got so much envied everything without any effort, while I did was prepare and seek opportunities to beat, but for one reason or another could not get anything. If you would like to know more about Michael Chabon, then click here. Cry, cry like a fool, did not understand what was happening. Why try so hard if I do not get even half of what she has?, I fell into a depression. The perfect remedy, the words of someone important in my life, I know you’re not bad (how I felt) and what you feel is normal, just God is preparing something better for you. Novelist might disagree with that approach. So my time comes, do not know if it is an opportunity better or worse than those that have provided the other person, but it’s mine, it’s my time, time to shine and most importantly I’m doing what I like, what fills me.

Now I see I’m moving toward the future I want, I know how much work, effort and dedication is worth it, because sooner or later come to you what you really should not caprice on the envy and cry. Expected to reach the perfect opportunity to shine, waiting and driving breathing calm, but above all be prepared to give your best and work hard to get the recognition they want. It is a matter of luck, everyone has their moment to shine like a star in the dark night.


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