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If you plan to quit smoking the easy way is impossible, they have lied to you.It is not only lying that they have been told. Learn more about this with Risa Miller. Cravings are a myth.Weight gain is a myth.Stress is a myth.These are all rumors and inventions of his imagination. Are these lies?Yes, just like the tobacco industry he lied so that hooks you.We were led to believe that smoking cigarettes is something natural and enjoyable to do.Do you remember those times who saw the ads, that wears cinema idols light a cigarette, you’ve seen Grown Ups inhale and a smile of satisfaction, and thought it was cool and mature.?It was what to do. The fact is that smoking is not natural.That is why that started when smoking, your body tried everything to prevent harmful smoke go to your lungs.That he was coughing, they gag, could have felt dizziness.Today still cough, perhaps through the jaw of the cough to get rid of nicotine and tar that is blocking the tracks respiratory. You’ve heard these lies also: nicotine is addictive.A crutch very trailing, but not true exactly.Surprised?Actually, it is addictive, but it is not as addictive as that has been led to believe.It isn’t so much the nicotine that you are addicted.It is another ingredient which have been added to the tobacco to make you crave more.Another way in which the industry has deceived. It is difficult to stop smoking.You are never going to quit.I can not stop smoking.It is not true.It is not true.It is not true.

Its only limitations are what you believe.Belief can make things easy and simple.This is true. If you think quitting is hard and never quit, then not.This is true. If you believe that quit smoking the easy way is a myth, that would be a mistake.It is possible.And it’s easy.Quit smoking the easy way is very possible.In fact, you can stop smoking in a short three weeks without cravings, patches, gum, pills, excessive exercise or special diets.


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