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Modern Web design in recent years increasingly takes the form of programming, and often through the language of PHP. The network appears more dynamic sites, and fewer and fewer of their static counterparts. But some would program does not administer the site, its template or framework vseravno often is a single static page. And how does it work depends largely on the successful promotion of a site built on it. That there is mean? The standard scheme for constructing a template for the site is using vseizvestnyh tables that can be hard to position, to make them stretched. Also it generally can be divided into several tables, for example the header, body and footer. Because the browser is designed so that it displays the table only after complete the download, the site is built on the basis of the above framework will appear in the browser part.

First appears Lightweight cap site, where you can place any advertising that users will be reluctant to see waiting for loading the rest of the site. But the benefits in promoting a site is not likely bring. Yes, the carcass built on the tables usually has heavy code that much can harm the site as a part of its optimal indexing by search engines. Benefits for the promotion will be if the content pages will be as close as possible to his cap. Building such a pattern can only be based on the container div. Frame-based div can be done with minimal code, ie make all your style sheet CSS, where you can create a lot of different of all, for example to give the corners are rounded menu, the effects of pressing buttons, menus, and many other interesting things that will give it a nice modern look.

Also it is quite possible to do so all the menus and navigation through the site only visually in the browser was in the right places and in the code after the container with the content. In connection with the foregoing by themselves imply the minimum requirements for the static frame for the current site: The template should be made based on the container div with the maximum porting code to the stylesheet CSS. Container template with content should be as close to the cap site, and all the navigation menu made for it in the Internet you can find lots of different static patterns to build a modern website. To find the appropriate minimum requirements of the above site building modern enough to refer to any search engine with a control phrase 'template css'.


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