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Wedding Jewelry

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You are lucky enough to share such an unusual event? 67.5 years together – not an anniversary, not the anniversary, and the name is strong, confirming that the relations of the spouses – like a rock in the stormy ocean of life. They were able to withstand much they have gone through all the hardships of life and survived in this difficult battle. The reward for this – their quiet family harbor, love and understanding, the sun, giving them the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. God forbid them to live at least another happy years of marital happiness. Thus, we must figure out what you can to please your dear old "(as the song says I. ) in this unique and memorable day.

Stone Wedding Of course, the stones, we do not give offer! Let's think Precious stones mounted in gold or silver metal or rimless (beads, for example), whether it be rings, earrings for his wife, – a gift of an expensive and valuable. "Bride" certainly be glad of such "gadgets", recalling his youth and love jewelry, but the "groom" will appreciate this gift from the standpoint of practicality, because jewelry has always been held in high esteem. Following this idea, we can also offer you considered as a souvenir gift from stones, precious and not only – the picture posted in a decorative stone, stone statues – all this fills the interior of the 'young' recall of the inviolability and durability of their marriage. Once we settled on the interior and home environment, then it would be good to remember always necessary and useful gifts in the form of bed linen.


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