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White Chocolate

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This small candy was created originally in the Equator, but it became a traditional dessert in diverse countries of Spanish language as Spain, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay and Chile. Currently, they are offered as souvenirs of Coastal marriage and in another requintados events and of good taste. The alfajor name (as well as most of the words initiated with the letter ' ' a' ' in the Portuguese) it is of Arab origin and it means stuffed. It is made with two or three layer of mass that is baked being lightly crocantes and soft. The traditional filling is of milk candy, covered with chocolate to melted milk. Very popular in Argentina this would iguaria gained diverse versions: sugar, hazelnut, mint, strawberry, coffee and until pepper! If you like it candy and intend to use it in the candy table of Coastal marriage you follow one easy prescription to make: Mass: – 250 butter g – 1 xcara (tea) of sugar (160 g) – 3 egg yolks – 2 xcaras (tea) of starch of maize (250 g) – 1 xcaras (tea) of wheat flour (180 g) – xcara (tea) of Cacao in Dust (36 g) – 1 spoon (tea) of sodium bicarbonate – 1 spoon (tea) of I leaven in dust – 1 spoon (coffee) of vanilla aroma 1 spoon (soup) of brandy – scraps of 1 limoRecheio: – 400 pastoso milk candy g – 1 spoon (soup) of conhaqueCobertura: – 750 g of Covering of White Chocolate picadoModo of Preparation: 1. It prepares the mass: it has beaten the butter and the sugar and, without stopping to beat, adds egg yolks one to one, until getting a esbranquiado cream and has led. It adds then the maize starch, the flour, the cacao, bicarbonate leavens, it, the aroma of vanilla, the brandy and the scraps of lemon. It mixes until forming a homogeneous mass, covers with plastic film and it has led to the refrigerator for about 10 minutes.


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