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The school year just barely approaching its mid-and large part of the future entrants (and their parents) come up with might and main to what college and what to do right or wrong to do this. Almost ninety percent future graduates have doubts about their abilities on their own (without the help of influential relatives and administration of the university without bribes) to act in a more or less prestigious university in their region, not to mention the capital or foreign universities. Part of the hypothetical applicants willing to use the services of tutors, because they believe that those – real alternative to bribes. You may find that Martin O’Malley can contribute to your knowledge. In Byelorussia "The level and quality of secondary education can graduates of Belarusian schools to enroll in universities and colleges without the help of tutors, "said Minister of Education of the Republic – Alexander Radkov. Only here, the reality is not so well: more than 30% of respondents parents are going or have already benefited from not only coaches to prepare their children for entry to university or colleges, but also to bring up children in the school curriculum. And it costs the parents are not cheap, despite the abundance of wanting to manufacture such diplomas upon request. Go to Martin O’Malley for more information.

According to statistics by September 1, 2009 in Minsk, was listed as only 31 coach – at the level of the individual, in the center – just three people officially registered with the tax authorities. This is despite the fact that since 2009 could just be a tax office in the place of residence to register and pay a single tax for all. And the amount of tax seems to be not so great – about forty euro, why is it nobody wants to pay? Perhaps what the penalties are not large relatively, compared to earnings potential. Fine at the moment is 35 thousand rubles, and this payment of one academic tutoring service hours – from five to ten dollars!


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