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And later that same robot sends you a letter that you are banned. Also there is a free program FreePromote, you can easily find on the internet and skachaete.Tam where some 600 directories quite working. Program allows you to make new addresses, directories, so you'll be able to her obnovit.FreePromote – semi-automatic, (but I prefer to see where I lay my blog / website, but comfortable, and most importantly – free.:) So if you value your brainchild, consider this particular his campaign. Well, here you have registered your blog or website that does not mean that tomorrow everyone will know your site and you can start getting rich by setting any affiliate. Now we need to wait to be indexed. It will take 2 to several mesyatsev.Tak that all this time you will still no money))). Well, of course, you can ask your friends to come to your site or blog and click on those banners or links that you installed, but you will earn on this a bit, to the same ip address of your friend to quickly fix the system and you'll be unpleasantly surprised, when you withdraw money, but make a lot of you do not have time, so that there will be nothing to shoot. Secondly, the ads on free doskah.No case they are needed only if you install affiliate program or you have something to offer the 'residents' Ineta.

This is – good or usluga.Na spreading ads on the boards you will have to go to 2 hours den.No not abuse, it is better if it is done once or twice a week. The third most wonderful way – promote your site using Yandex Direct, but only if your domain is the first or second level. Can spend a week, 300 rubles. respectively, per month – 1200 rubles. But that is if you want to spend money. Fourth, it is the social network. For a blog is generally a convenient way to make itself felt the world (in the links below you will find their addresses).

Fifthly, it is thematic forums, where you can register and start chatting, leaving the links to the resource. Sixth, of course, the article, there are many directories that publish articles for free. Yes, most importantly, do not forget fill your blog with fresh material, they must be at least 10-15 to get your blog started to find the search mashiny. do 1-2 in a week. And if you do not scare article, and you're ready to work for his own pocket, then You can then themselves and nachinat.Vot relamodateli will look to you for placing their advertisements. But do not forget that your information will be interesting not only to you and to all who come to your site or blog. All information directories can be found on the Internet, but I'll try to give a few links that I use myself: You can also set the RSS-feed for your blog and start to integrate their news through nego.Vot list of feeds and folders through you can get rid of my blog: And now for the work)) Here are a few affiliate programs, which in my opinion so far bring the money. Since my blog is dedicated to moblnoy connection and all others like it (accessories, ringtones, pictures for mobile) and news in the mobile market, I can share only programs that are interesting to me: That's all. Good luck! You need it.


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