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What matters is to eat low calorie no matter what we eat. It is not the same to get the calories we need based on a healthy and balanced diet to get from a diet rich in fats and sugars, food as protein consume more energy to be metabolized, the opposite happens with sugars and fats that add extra calories. The same veggies that are important in a diet for its content in fiber and water that creates the satiety and avoids that we eat in excess. Walking does not help to lose weight, you need to run. Running is a sport of aggressive, traumatic for joints and is not suitable for a person obese or overweight, walking is a perfect exercise to lose weight, is very low impact and feasible to run for those fat people, take walks increasingly long and intense help to burn a high number of calories. There are foods that help us to lose weight. There are foods with fewer calories that help lose weight, because they give us nutrients and give the feeling of fullness providing one lesser amount of energy than others. Water fattening.

The water contains no calories and this is what makes us gain weight. Carbohydrates fattening. Carbohydrates give us fewer calories than fats and proteins, the problem is when swallowed them in excess and in conjunction with these. Fast slimming. To lose weight should eat healthy and balanced, stop doing it is counterproductive because the body interprets it as a crisis saving the largest amount of energy possible. Calories give us the feeling of fullness. Foods have a capacity very diverse to give us the feeling of fullness, fatty foods that are high in calories usually generate more eager to eat such foods, which most give us the feeling of satiety are proteins, red and white meats, legumes, which least Sate are the richest in calories and fat.

The whole foods slim. Not slim, they only help to regulate the intestinal transit, they have the same composition from other foods. Fast food fattening. True, contain too much fat and calories, a better choice for these cases are fruits, salads and vegetables. Sugar fattening. Sugar is energizing and is found in honey and fruit, but also relates to the desserts, cakes and chocolate, is in these in which receives the main contribution caloric and not so much for sugar as such. Crude oil has less calories than the fried. Oil gives us both the same calories fried or raw.


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