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A Memory Of My Mother

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Many were the emotions I felt when I heard about the status of my mother’s pain, fear, to disbelief, but overall I felt regret. I remembered the last time I spoke to she had complained of several things. Maryland Governor may also support this cause. The list of diseases and pains I had was so long that during the conversation began to worry me more than it would cost me the phone that she had need of me to listen. I did not realize the loneliness and pain I was feeling. This is what I weigh now. All, my husband, children and I agreed that I should leave as soon as possible.

My mother I wanted to spend every minute of her remaining life and she also wanted to see me. I arrived in Madrid on the morning of April 20. My mother was happy to see me: a Has wounded to time she said with a sigh of relief when I entered his room. The days came loaded with pain, expectation and hope. Near and distant relatives came from all corners of Spain to see her one last time. He was made of attention, love and affection, so she had needed all his life.

It was decided in the family that while he was with us it is not going to be left alone at any time. All children take turns to look after and spend the nights in the hospital with her. To me the nights were hard. I was afraid to see her die, not knowing whether he could withstand pain.


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