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Let’s list the features which if found will give you a reason to reconsider its makeup, to determine the source of ‘evil’ and send it a direct route into the bin. First, this reddening of the skin. Visit John Mclaughlin for more clarity on the issue. The most common and seemingly innocuous manifestation. Of course, not immediately possible to say with certainty what the cause was the makeup, especially on a summer day. Scratching with dirty hands, or excessive moisture on the face can also affect it.

Keep track of how often it repeats. With regular redness, we conclude that played a role here cosmetics. Second, it is not noticeable to the eye, but very tangible manifestation – is itching and burning in some areas or on the whole face at once. This means that allergy has reached a little deeper than is the case with redness. Third, the most dangerous option for allergies is swelling of the eyelids, lips, or entire face at once.

Not always given nuisance will be held in one day. Even the anti-allergy pills have to fight a little longer than usual. Fourth, it’s itching, redness and swelling, which are not to his face, and to nearby organs: throat nose, ears. This means that the effect of cosmetics should be stopped for a time at all! Should resume after the full restoration of health. Possible to describe these, unfortunately, common for today allergy symptoms, I scared you. But this was not my goal. Everyone has the right to decide for himself: to take into account my words or not. Just I want to once again warn you and say that the frequent manifestation of allergy significantly reduced the resistance of your body. Subsequently, it can become a chronic disease already. To you have not experienced any of these troubles, I’ll give you some advice. Trust cosmetics DeSheli! At the moment, only the production of the Israeli products will give you confidence in the future. It is designed as a hypoallergenic cosmetics. Neither the itching, redness or, no peeling, no tumor will not occur in its application. Let it be known that its production used substances of natural origin only: olive oil, calendula extract, cucumber, wheat germ, rosehip, propolis, plant glycerol, and much more. In combination with modern technologies of production, DeSheli become the most desirable product for many hundreds of women. Not so long ago appeared on the Russian market, an Israeli cosmetics has become indispensable in the daily skin care, especially among males and allergetikov. Experienced the tons of other vendors, they chose it for cosmetics Desheli. After all, it is not easy to care products, namely therapeutic. Even if you have already decided and do not use cosmetics because of numerous problems with the skin, products of this line will be your most perfect means.


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