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Amazonian Expression

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Nopode more to make nothing. – I think as it, said it: The man who if form, is a citizen who if delivery aoparasitismo. Purchase positions for the heading, it exerts where them badly, without the devidacompetncia, more than the times. – He has been, by the way, one badly in Brazil this false education, the men mulherescorrem and them to the Universities and forget the scales techniques: What it is seen later, commgoa, is bacharis of shining rubies and in the pointer empurrandomalas-postcards, at night in the amiable post offices and doctors, serving of inspetoresagrcolas' '. the one idea ' ' education falsa' ' , as it was false everything that before had said they, appeared then some ideiasde social transformation.

Galvo represents a latent eminent revoluoseringueira, gift through the dialogues of Nadesca and Anatlio, eintensificado for the socialist iderio, that is one of the first ideas of the workmanship. To know more about this subject visit idt energy. Aforma of work of the seringueiro, the social conditions, the capitalism, revolutionary osmovimentos of the decade of 1920, and the eproletariado confrontation bourgeoisie is some of the questions that guide the text politician that percorreem Land of Nobody. But for Souza in the Amazonian Expression, ' ' Seringueiros land of Nobody account one rebeliode, with many marxist words and little depth ideolgica' ' (SOUZA, 2003, P. 224). Moreover, rebelio&#039 was one; ' inverossmil' ' , that it served Francisco Galvo to implant ' ' the conceitoslibertrios of the marxism in elite personages who if tear into pieces in indignciado seringal' ' (SOUZA, 2003, P. 224). For Afrnio Coutinho, in noBrasil Literature the regional romance: ' ' it is entered into an alliance the social matter and to the drama doproletrio' ' (COUTINHO, 1997). Other subjects social they are found, feminismopresente in speaks of the narrator: ' ' The marriage is today a business as to outroqualquer, and I costumo not to make price in this assunto' ' ; a slavery is temasocial recurrent in the workmanship either the form of life of the seringueiros, either the sonhopor freedom ' ' nor it seems that the Isabel Princess, freed a race.


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